About Us

The Fundy United Federation was assembled by the Minas Basin commercial fisheries, and scientists with assistance of allied advocacy groups and individuals concerned with the future of the Bay of Fundy.

The federation formed from a common concern for marine life conservation, protection of habitat, guarding sustainable marine life levels, raising awareness, the need to preserve traditional fisheries, food sovereignty and ensure their knowledge was utilized and not ignored.

The federation’s purpose is to:

  • Educate and unite individuals, organizations, fisheries, businesses and governments in marine life and natural resource conservation and protection through recognition of traditional knowledge from the commercial fisheries, First Nations, recreational anglers and other stakeholders of the ocean.
  • Ensure proper fishery professionals are used to guarantee more reliable scientific data is gathered in studies affecting the ocean, Bay of Fundy and river environments.
  • Through educational outreach, conservation efforts, governmental lobbying, public awareness and cooperation we will achieve a voice for the Bay of Fundy, Minas basin and the rivers within.